Clearing RefresherJanesce Clearing Refresher

A blend of organic echinacea, hypericum, and lavender to soothe and balance oily and combination skin.

Size: 100ml
Price $31.10

Clearing Day LotionJanesce Clearing Day Lotion

The non oily texture of this moisturiser absorbs quickly. Blends of organic aloe, calendula, hypericum, and liquid silk, balance oil flow, heal, and control moisture loss.

Size: 100ml
Price: $55.00

Clearing Cleansing MilkJanesce Clearing Cleansing Milk

A blend of orange and peppermint oils makes this a fresh, effective cleanser which removes impurities and balances oil flow.

Size: 100ml
Price $40.50

Clearing WashJanesce Clearing Wash

Refresh skin texture with soft almond meal, honey, and organic lavender, rose, sweet orange and geranium. Gently removes the dead cell layer without drying or irritating the skin.

Size: 50gr
Price $44.95

Clearing Soaking DropsJanesce Clearing Soaking Drops

A vibrant combination of citrus oils – lime, orange, lemon and grapefruit enliven your skin and reduce oiliness.

Size: 30ml
Price $20.50

Clearing Rescue SerumJanesce Clearing Rescue Serum

Bioactive blends of organic marigold, aloe, rose and hypericum regulate oil flow, clear congestion and correct the pH balance of your skin.

Size: 50gr
Price $45.95

Clearing Home Facial PackJanesce Clearing Home Facial Pack

Delight the senses and create a little luxury at home with this selection of skin care to indulge in a facial treat.

Size: 25ml, 30ml
Price $89.00