Pampering Body MilkJanesce Pampering

A light nourishing body milk with rosewater and organic geranium oil to soften your skin.

Size: 100ml
Price $29.90

Pampering Hand Lotion

A luxurious lotion created from marshmallow, rose, calendula and sesame oil for a silken feeling on your hands.

Size: 100ml
Price: $27.90

Pampering Foot Care

A rich cream using organic lavender, geranium, calendula, and rosemary to maintain softness on your feet and prevent dryness.

Size: 50gr
Price $26.20

Pampering Leg Care

An aromatic lotion rich in organic lavender, rosemary, arnica, chamomile, and calendula to improve circulation and keep skin soft.

Size: 100ml
Price $32.50

Pampering Body Wash

A non-alkaline wash that refreshes with lemongrass oil and softens with marshmallow. Does not strip your skin’s natural oils.

Size: 100ml
Price $27.50

Pampering 7 Herb Shampoo

A soft foaming shampoo that will condition as it cleans.

Blends of organic rosemary, nettle, marshmallow, birch, lavender, chamomile and burdock keep your scalp and hair healthy.

Size: 250ml
Price $20.30

Pampering 5 Herb Shampoo

A non greasy conditioner to keep your hair soft and healthy. Blends of organic rosemary, burdock, marshmallow, nettle, and birch promote circulation of the scalp and encourage healthy hair re- growth.

Size: 250ml
Price $20.30

Pampering Travel Pack

A trio of body milk, hand lotion and body wash – the perfect travelling kit.

Size: 3 x 25ml
Price $49.50